A Rendering of The Hudson Valley UFO Sighting & Video Location, July 24, 1984
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Concrning: The Video Account of
ET Technology

From: The Dust In The Closet
By: The Editors at Stranger than Science

Article Posted on: 02-06-09


The Editors of Stranger than Science have made a special effort to re-master a digital copy of THE HUDSON VALLEY VIDEO from a original video and sound track to present for the first time in it's entirety.

The main object seen in the video with it's circular cluster of brilliant lights and it's red trailer light were recorded as the 'THE HUDSON VALLEY VIDEO' and represented one of the best documented case file and evidence from numerous sightings of the mysterious object stalking the skies in the lower HUDSON VALLEY in New York State and aptly received the nickname 'THE BIG SHIP' from local area UFO investigators and residents who witnessed similar sightings of aerial phenomenon during the spring and summer months in 1984.

The 'THE HUDSON VALLEY VIDEO' and sighting (witnessed by two individuals together) occurred on JULY 24TH, 1984 around 10:00 pm., ( 22:15., EST. ) just after twilight.

The sky was just beginning to get dark and one of the witnesses was stepping outside of their home to 'walk their dog' when they noticed a group of brilliant large white lights appearing and approaching from the north over the tree top level just over the roof of their home. At this point the witness returned to their study to retrieve a Large Format 16mm Video Camera to document the lights that had appeared above their house. It was believed at the time that area residents had seen similar lights in the area in the weeks and months previous to this event.


In the daily course of daily events and rarely on certain occasions a individual or individuals may be fortunate enough and availed to a certain set of circumstances where they may have the opportunity to witness a event or occurrence that defies their understanding, perception and belief. Even on rarer occasions a person may be more fortunate to have documented their experience of the unusual event with a camera, film or video equipment that were luckily, readily available at hand. As 'THE HUDSON VALLEY VIDEO' was captured with first generation portable Video Hi 16 mm and digital video equipment and CCD chip. It was important to add a brief discussion of the limitations of the video system at the time of the sighting.

There existed at the time and still do today low light limitations of color saturation and color loss in conditions of low light sources in darkness in all commercial and home video camera systems. Systems with 0.01 to 10.0 Lux were only limited and capable of recording all color light and converting them to white light images from color light within a limitation of +.02 to -.02 of stellar brilliance in magnitude (or another words only brightest stars and planets) in their appearance.

However objects such as brightest stars and planets would appear very dim as images in the best of circumstances. It was generally accepted with these early video systems that replicating what the human eye could see in terms of color and hue after dark and or recreate a true video in conditions of evening dusk and or twilight were impossible to replicate with any video system with any camera design at that time.

So after a careful analysis of the witnesses individual accounts and their personal accounts of what they actually saw during the time the video was filmed there was a great deal of visual information added about the object being filmed in the video that was eventually worked up as the artists rendition included with the movie link. We know that the object that the witnesses saw was extremely bright and fluctuated in magnitude ranges in multiples of magnitudes well above those of the brightest stars, planets and the lighting systems of commercial and private aircraft.

What was added were actual background and foreground effects seen in around twilight such as darkened trees, hills, ridges, skyline and valleys. In addition to stars and the silhouettes of the actual colors and positions of the lights near the tree tops is revealed so as the reader can actually see what actually appeared to the witnesses as the saw the object in relationship to their surroundings. It was a incredible and thrilling moment for all.

General Description:

Witness ( 1. ) stepped outside their house and was tending to their dog in the front yard. The witness looked up about 35 degrees over the roof of their house and a pine grove behind the house facing approximately due north a group of lights that caught their immediate attention.

Upon sighting a very strange group of lights in the sky Witness ( 1. ) urgently summoned witness (2.) who was inside the house to immediately bring out a 16mm video camera that was located on a table in the living room outside to the front yard so as the strange lights appearing in the sky could be attempted to be videotaped by witness (2.) at that time.

During this time considerable dialog about the object took place between witnesses (1.) and (2.) that highlighted certain key points of the video segment. This added greatly to the visual impact of the UFO sighting that was unfolding.

The entire video segment captured about 4 minutes of dramatic footage of a UFO craft with a large red trailer light moving south by south west with a circular array of brilliant lights and smaller bright lights silhouetting a some darkened structure on the underside of the bow area of the craft while all the time gradually rotating the circle of lights and the trailer light in a clockwise direction.

Note* The lights on the UFO were reported by the witnesses as having a smooth ball like glowing appearance and not the incandescent sparkling nature that is typical of metal filaments used in traditional light bulb designs that tend to flicker and sparkle. The light that emanated for the brighter lights had a cold white glowing appearance somewhat similar to hot plasma gas discharging.

Note* The camera design was a shoulder mounted and or hand held professional grade video model.

Editors Note* In 1984 the best 16mm Video Cameras provided in the commercial and private sectors were led by JVC and Sony Electronics at that time. Typically these cameras had a 35mm to 150mm zoom lens setup with a 640 X 480 LCD digital chip. Some models had a larger chip size 600 X 800 or 1024 X 768 but these larger formats got quite expensive and although the video resolution would improve exponentially with the chip size the light or dark sensitivity would not improve significantly at all. Typically these 16 mm video cameras of a 1984 manufacture would have a highest low light value of around 0.10 to 0.15 lux. What this would mean to the reader is that the comparison between what the camera sees and what the naked eye sees at night or near twilight are vastly different. The camera could record the bright lights but could discern fainter stars and physical objects such as trees and structures very easily. However the moon and Bright planets such as Jupiter, Saturn and Venus have been recorded on these video cameras in addition to bright stars such as Vega and Sirius with ease.

So the reader will note that the black field of the tape is a natural occurrence and to be expected with any standard and professional video product recording night sky events that was manufactured during this time period of the mid 1980's

This video tape has been duplicated for the first time The witnesses who originally saw and videotaped the object have moved on in their lives during the in suing years since the original sighting occurred and at this time asked that their names, addresses, video location and any other personal information be withheld at this time for the release of this article.

The following statement recites below are the actual remarks given by the witnesses as the observed the large illuminated crossing the during a 4 minute period moving in the direction from northwest toward the west and finally turning southwest just after twilight and about 30 degrees above the horizon and operating in complete silence.

The viewer may notice a small amount of white noise that is a accompanying background sound due to the natural sounds occurring as the witnesses viewed the object flying over their house.

The image of the painting of the Hudson Valley UFO video will show the viewer what was seen with the naked eye by the witnesses of the and authors of the video during their night time sighting.

SECTION II-Technical Data:

Estimated subject distance: At least 2 to 3 miles
Angle of view: 30 degrees
Length estimate: very long
Width estimate: very wide
Thickness estimate: 60 to 100 feet
General appearance: teardrop shape or elliptical with trailer device.
Speed: undetermined due to great distance and size

Camera: Video 8 Track VHS0.10 Lux w / 640 X 480 ccd chip or larger
Make: unknown 1983-1984 vintage
Lens: unknown, but probably 35mm to 150mm f 2.8 lens 1-3/4" to 2-3-4" dia.
Film: 16 mm Video 8 Track VHS
Film speed: 60 ASA
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec
Aperture: f/2.8
Image filled up to 1/2 of 16mm frame horizontally and only 1/4 of frame vertically.
Film processing: Unknown Home Equipment.

Steps involved in receiving, duplicating and creating a Final Video Unknown

1.) The original video was hand delivered to a author and investigator via an intermediary.
2.) The conversion from the original status is unknown.
3.) Computer analysis of photo: Hot and cool temperature spots discovered in the raw B&W images and with the use of gray scaling image color conversion.
Computer graphical programs assisted in resolving and or recognizing some general characteristics of the "lights".

SECTION III - Weather and other Atmospheric Phenomenon related:

What the editors of Stranger than Science learned about the sighting as reported by the witnesses on the evening of the sighting was that. . .

1.) The weather on the evening during the sighting was sparkling clear.

2.) The air temperature was around 70 degrees.

3.) the barometer was steady at 30 millibars.

4.) There was no cloud related atmospheric effects occurring.

5.) There was no haze related atmospheric effects occurring.

6.) There was no smog related atmospheric effects occurring.

7.) There was no dew related atmospheric effects occurring.

8.) There was no ice related atmospheric effects occurring.

9.) There was no frost related atmospheric effects occurring.

10.) There was no planetary related phenomena occurring.

11.) There was no lunar related phenomena occurring.

12.) There was no activities of blimps, commercial or large aircraft of any description operating in the area of the sighting immediately before during or immediately after the sighting and recording of the video.

13.) There was one instance of a small light plane (with a blinking wing light) and propeller noise crossing the field of view under the object for a period of 10 seconds. This accident added further credibility to the sheer size and intensities of the UFO?s lights that crossed intently over the path of the small plane. Note* Due to the age of the original tape and a duplication processes (item 5) is barely audible and not visible on the web video at this time.

14.) Traffic Sounds and street sounds

15.) White noise that was due to directional microphone elements and a small amount of light breeze or light wind that was occurring during the video sequence.

Note* The painting of The Hudson Valley Video will give the reader a precise visual perspective of the object as it was witnessed by observers above and beyond what was recorded on the video at that time.


WITNESS 1.) I can't even get them on the video.

WITNESS 2.) What is it.

WITNESS 1.) I don't know it look like it's just hanging up there too.

WITNESS 2.) It's moving with some spots.

WITNESS 1.) What ever it is it's very very bright.

WITNESS 2.) Yea it is I can see that.

WITNESS 1.) No [ well there's a] few of them.

WITNESS 1.) One, two, three, four, five.

WITNESS 2.) Yes.

WITNESS 1.) Yep. . . And there's a red one tailing them

WITNESS 2.) That's the seventh one

WITNESS 1.) Yep. . .

WITNESS 1.) One, two, three, four, five the first five are white

WITNESS 1.) The sixth one, the one, two, three, four, five, six, the seventh, no there's eight.

WITNESS 2.) Yea I see it. Alright I hear you wow.

WITNESS 1.) Alright the first six are white. There heading south [by] southwest. The next one behind them looks reddish. And then the one tailing way behind is red also. And now I'm gonna lost them behind the pine tree.

WITNESS 2.) Guess it's getting higher

WITNESS 1.) Holy Good God. . . [emphasis added]

WITNESS 2.) What do you see.

WITNESS 1.) I don't know.

WITNESS 2.) How fast. [is it]

WITNESS 1.) I hope, I'll be, I'm gonna tell you something honey. I don't know what the hell it is.

WITNESS 2.) It's rotating! [with emphasis] Oh holy god! [with emphasis]

WITNESS 1.) It's still heading southwest. Why? ? ? [interruption]

WITNESS 2.) Look it how they turn!

WITNESS 1.) Sla. . . Yea [it's] turning very very slowly.

WITNESS 2.) inaudible comment

WITNESS 1.) Oh you bumped into me.

WITNESS 2.) I didn't see you. [inaudible comment]


WITNESS 1.) There getting to far. Damn it! I whish I were on the roof! [with emphasis]

STREET 1. ) Dog Barks

WITNESS 2.) Oh since you can't get on the roof. Obviously well go to the back. [inaudible comment]

WITNESS 1.) I hope so.

WITNESS 2.) It makes a complete circle. [with emphasis]

WITNESS 1.) Whatever's in the back is stretching west. It won't come out on video that way. You know that the coloring !

WITNESS 2.) You thought you could see the same thing. [inaudible comment]

WITNESS 1.) uhmmm. . . hummm ! . . .

STREET 1. ) Dog Barks

AVIATION 1.) Cessna or small single engine begins to cross from the left side of the field of view just under the large lights depicted in the original video just above the airplanes flight track.

WITNESS 1.) This time it was more than the night before. Whatever it is. Alright there still traveling south west and I'm gonna lose them now because first of all there getting father away and therefore there getting dimmer and second of all "I'm gonna lose em because I'm not standing on the roof of my house". [emphasis added] OK there gone.


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